Here is what a handful of educators have to share about working with Keeth.


"Cold Springs Middle School was extremely fortunate to have Keeth Matheny help us welcome back our staff at the beginning of the year.  Keeth provided a meaningful and relevant approach to integrating Social Emotional Learning into our everyday practices to support students and staff.  Teachers walked away with enthusiasm and were ready to implement what they had learned.  The overall feedback from staff stated, “This was the best professional development I have ever experienced”.  Keeth Matheny has a gift in sharing his practices and helping others realize they can make a difference in the lives of their students!  We can’t wait to have him continue to work with our staff."

Roberta Duvall

Retired Principal, Cold Springs Middle School

"Keeth Matheny’s ability inspire and motivate audiences to commit to the work of Social Emotional Learning is unparalleled.  In the years since I have known Keeth, our teachers and principals at the Urban Assembly consistently cite his training as the experience that gave them the knowledge and confidence to start SEL in their buildings and classrooms. If you are interested in a passionate, thoughtful, and articulate introduction to the tenets of Social-Emotional Learning, you can do no better than Keeth Matheny."

David Adams

Chief Executive Officer of the Urban Assembly, New York, NY

"Keeth has been an inspiration from the moment we first met at the SEL training in Reno, NV.  Our nation’s students are in desperate need of SEL. support and Keeth is making that happen one student, one teacher, one school at a time.  He has truly dedicated every ounce of his being in helping others across the country implement effective Social Emotional Learning programs at their schools."

Ashley Vargas

Freshman Seminar Lead, East Hartford High School, East Hartford, CN

"I can honestly say Keeth’s training is one of the best I have ever experienced. He models many different ways of presenting the information to students. Additionally, the post training support he offers is invaluable. He is constantly tweeting or emailing relevant, up to date data to guide and inform your practice. I find his follow up messages to be inspirational and encouraging."

Laura Camblin

Freshman Seminar teacher, Kentwood High School, Kent, WA

I have been to several SEL training sessions with Keeth.  His enthusiasm and passion for SEL combined with hands-on demonstrations of actual in-class lessons make this training a must for any current or future SEL teacher.

Matt Cooper

Assistant Principal at Dickinson High School, Dickinson, TX

“Presidio ISD has been on a path to excellence on every level. The one area we have been struggling with more than any other has been how we help 8th grade students transition to high school. At that age, who they are and how they fit in is just about the “end-all” of their development. We were not finding a way to address this issue without a complete disruption of the normal school process. I was referred to Keeth and the SEL / MAPS program. This has been the answer we have been looking for .After almost a year, students are still engaged, parents have found some answers for families and our high school is already a much more calm environment."

Dennis McEntire

former Superintendent Presidio ISD, TX

Patricia Moss

Counselor Kent Meridian High School, Kent, WA

Will Harper

Teacher Reno, NV

Charlene Montford

Program Director 21st Century STEAM Ahead Program at Orange Grove MBC, Durham, NC

Deborah Faber

Teacher Kent Meridian High School, Kent, WA

Denise Hausauer

Principal Damonte Ranch High School, Reno, NV

Janna Moyer

Teacher Hug High School, Reno, NV