Success Stories

Daniel McCutchen’s Ted Talk (One of Keeth’s former student’s inspiring talk on SEL and Mental Health)

Links featuring the Washoe County SEL ( an exceptional national model for SEL as a district) and Stephan Molder one of the teachers I have been supporting the most and now one of my close friends. He has done truly great things with his SEL work in the classroom and has recently expanded to support other teachers doing the work as well.

Blog post from SEL teacher Timiko, on her journey from training to struggle to radical gratitude with her HS SEL (School-Connect) class. She attended School-Connect Summer Institute and participated in year long email PLC teacher support group.

EdWeek Blog Post on one of the schools Keeth has worked with the most. Damonte Ranch’s SEL program that has shown amazing results going from 80% graduation rate to 94% and 2027 discipline events to 250.

Edutopia Series on New Mexico School for the Arts, the very first school Keeth worked with to launch their SEL program in 2012, what amazing things they have done since then.

ExSELent Edutopia video on greeting at the door from one of the schools Keeth has done climate and culture work with. This teacher (Kaly Krentz) really made the material her own and her video has inspired many.

Facebook InspirED essay by my former student and current Harvard student Daniel McCutchen

Article about recent launch of SEL high school program in Palo Alto Schools