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We can provide sessions of varying lengths, in person or virtual on a
myriad of topics! Check out the sessions and topics below:

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Sessions / Topics

SEADs of Greatness: Launching Proactive Social Emotional Academic Supports

Social Emotional and Academic Development Launch - this is a moving, interactive and highly engaging workshop that gives everyone an inspiring vision for what a highly impactful SEAD program can be. It covers the basics, the data, the components and best practices. Most of all, it is a collaborative experience of what SEL/SEAD feels like when done well.

Flipping the Script Around Student Supports
School-Connect Trainings
Administrator Training: From Roots to Leaves
Finding and Sharing Calm
What if Happiness is a Skill?
Parent Sessions

Coaching / Consulting

“Coach Rudy and team” are a wealth of experience for supporting your school’s social, emotional and academic initiative. We love long-term partners and that is where we have seen the biggest impacts. We are happy to make arrangements with you for short-term semester, year long or even multi-year partnerships. Contact Coach Rudy to have an exploratory conversation and then we will create a custom proposal based on your needs, goals, and school community factors.

Adult Retreat

Our emotional intelligence is a far better predictor of overall success and happiness in life than our IQ. Our EQ is our ability to manage our emotions, communicate effectively, build and maintain positive relationships, and effectively solve problems. Emotional intelligence can be developed with time and effort, and Keeth is a master of teaching these skills in engaging, inspiring, and actionable ways. While this retreat is NOT counseling or therapy of any kind, it is fantastic and often life-changing skill building. It features six in-depth personal emotional intelligence growth sessions, in a relaxing setting. The design is for participants to balance personal growth and introspection with relaxation, exercise and entertainment. This retreat is set up to engage participants, inspire action, develop skills while allowing for opportunities to put the “treat” in retreat.

Click here for an example of a previous Adult Retreat designed and facilitated by Coach Rudy/Keeth.

Office Hours

We know how challenging this work can be and we know how overflowing educators’ plates are these days. We very much want to be of support. This is a free open session to ask questions, share stories or to just say hello. 

Office hours are open zoom meetings, generally on the first Saturday of every month at 10:30am CST. Anyone can register using this link below.