exSELent Teaching: Classroom strategies to support the social, emotional, and academic growth of students.

Strong social and emotional classroom practices impact culture, climate, inclusion, behavior, engagement, and academic achievement. This book is designed to share these lessons, frameworks, and many moving authentic student stories of this work. Coach Rudy shares his personal experience along with actionable strategies, frameworks, and tips for classroom teachers and/or administrators.


“I have personally observed [Coach Rudy’s] teaching, and this very readable book has the feel of one of his classes, making the SEL ‘teacher moves’ accessible and understandable. I strongly recommend this book to any educator who is committed to strengthening relationships with students in order to increase their effectiveness.”

-Stephen D. Arnold, Co-Founder and Vice Chairman, George Lucas Educational Foundation

Coach Rudy has provided the ultimate tool to help teachers connect with students, build a positive climate, and integrate SEL. I have used a number of these strategies in my classroom and I know you will find exSELent ones to use in yours”

 -Michele Sandoval Villegas, Parkland Pre Engineering Middle School,  2020 Texas Secondary Teacher of the Year


“Keeth takes his reader on an ‘ounce of prevention’ pedagogical tour. By sharing clear, simple, and actional steps, it’s worth a ‘pound of cure’ in exSELent teaching and learning.” 

-Jordan Posamentier, Vice President of Policy and Advocacy at Committee for Children

“Matheny’s concise, relevant writing style gives the reader just enough to understand the issue, and the SEL-based rationale to the response so that the reader can begin to put the strategy in practice. . . This arrangement also lends itself to focused discussion and reflection among PLCs as well as a resource for collaboration in a professional development setting.”

- Dante Capers, Warren City Schools